Isle of Man: Arai 2010 TT Series

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In a clever marketing strategy around motorcycle racing, the Isle of Man TT organizers have created a unique sponsorship concept with Arai helmets in Europe.

Arai, a long time sponsor and supporter of the famous Isle of Man TT, used the 2010 event to introduce the first of three limited edition Aldo Drudi designed helmets commemorating the premiere motorcycle racing event.

The second and third edition commemorative helmets-strictly limited to just 500 units each-will be presented at the Isle of Man successively in 2011 and 2012. The Isle of Man TT organization will receive a commission for each motorcycle helmet sold.

Arai is a natural partner with the Isle of Man TT, having been a strong presence at the event with their banners and signs adorning the famous road circuit. Also, Arai has been a top choice for protection among the competitors for many years, adding to the company’s rich racing legacy.

For the 2010 running of the Isle of Man TT, track marshals used the TT Series Arai helmets to ensure their safety and added high visibility.

The Arai/Isle of Man TT special edition helmet promotion got its start in 2007 when they honored the 100th running of the event with a limited edition "Isle of Man Centennial."

The helmet proved to be a huge success and led to the multi-year plan intended to boost awareness of the race while presenting enthusiasts the chance to have an exclusive piece of racing history.

For 2010, Aldo Drudi used a TT Series Arai based on the successful racing bred RX-7 GP Model.

Drudi implemented a dynamic design incorporating the famous Isle of Man triskelion-better know as the "three legs of Man" symbol-in stunning bronze against a motif of black and white checkered flag on a background of the famous "TT" letters.

This inaugural helmet, the first of the three designs, was offered with a special display in the shape of a podium, with the intention of having a place for all three helmets at the end of the 2012 event.

Customers who purchased the first helmet will automatically be offered the opportunity to buy the second and third series when they become available.

Arai motorcycle helmets are developed in the world’s most demanding environments, from World Superbike to MotoGP, ensuring the latest innovations, comfort and protection.

Arai has been a class leader in developing motorcycle helmets, implementing advancements such as their adjustable "Air Wing" spoiler, which reduces drag and turbulence, and offering a wider aperture for wider angle of view.

The RX-7 GP uses the new ‘’PB SNC” outer shell (35% stronger than standard fiber) with a special belt construction developed for Arai’s F1 helmet. The helmet also features the unique ‘’Emergency Release Pads” that can be removed in seconds to allow easy removal of the helmet.

The RX-7 GP not only meets, but exceeds the specified requirements and approval criteria of both the European ECE 22-05 and the American SNELL 2010 standards.

For now, the special Isle of Man TT limited edition Arai helmets for 2011 and 2012 exist only in the imagination of Aldo Drudi. (Note: This is not a U.S. model and is not legal for sale in America.)


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