2011 Brammo Enertia Plus | Video

2011 Brammo

Here’s a video discussing the release of the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus, a breakthrough machine in the electric-motorcycle world.

The bike features twice the range of a typical electric motorcycle at 80 miles per charge, over 30 ft.lbs of torque from 0 rpm out of the AC motor, and speeds over 60 mph.

The Enertia Plus electric motorcycle features Supermoto-upright position, and Italian premium brakes and suspension.

The Brammo Enertia Plus is practical, affordable and fun. Designed in Oregon, the bike comes with a 12-month warranty. The bikes will be available for pre-order, and released in 2011.

The Enertia Plus uses Brammo’s proprietary lithium-ion battery technology, Brammo Power.

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) monitors all aspects of the battery’s performance and maintains consistent balance, performance, and health of this valuable component over the life of the motorcycle.

The Enertia Plus features an 850 Watt on-board battery charger, which can charge using any standard 110-120 Volt / 15A electrical outlet (standard US household) or equivalent European household outlet.

The charging cord is stored conveniently underneath the lockable seat to allow for ease of charging making almost any power outlet your personal "charging station".