CR&S DUU | Motorcycle Concept Video

CR&S DUU Concept

Two seats, two cylinders, two litres. The CR&S DUU ("two" in Milanese dialect) is a naked-techno-custom at the top of the Premium sector, providing a perfect combination of Western motorcycling traditions and enabling an entertaining and intuitive ride.

Power and agility are combined in a custom bike with an American engine and European form, designed for two-wheeling aesthetes and experts who like to open the throttle on US straights without having to give up the thrill of tackling the bends of the Old Continent.

A motorcycle with a strong emotive charge, which lays bare its soul and shows its muscles.

The motorcycle frame made by CR&S, with a large cross-section "backbone" tubular structure, does not cover the engine but frames it, highlighting an unusual engine, the 1916 cc X-Wedge, made for the 50th anniversary of S&S, a leading US company in special parts for engines and makers of twin-cylinders "V"s.

Like all the CR&S, each DUU is unique, assembled by hand and made to measure like a tailored suit: starting with the standard version, it is possible to choose from an infinite range of technical and aesthetic variants.

The DUU is also modular: the basic module can be configured in a different way according to the requirements of the owner, while maintaining the aesthetic and functional features of the project.

The CR&S DUU is dedicated to those who want to pursue their passion for engines and are looking for an exclusive motorbike with added-value in terms of aesthetics and technological content.

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