Indy XDL Freestyle: ‘Duke’ iReport

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In this iReport, Luke “Duke” Emmons gives you the inside scoop from the fifth and final round of the XDL Sportbike Freestyle Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For the past two years it has poured at XDL in Indianapolis. On top of that I have always had bad luck at that venue.

The first year I couldn’t hook up a stoppie to save my life due to the slick surface, and didn’t even qualify after coming from a win at the previous XDL. Last year I qualified third in the rain, hit a k-rail and finished seventh.

I usually don’t learn from my mistakes, but if you want to be a top pro then you have to. The two days before I left for Indy it poured in CT and I rode for three hours each day just completely miserable and shaking my fist at the sky.

This put all of my personal Shift protective gear, and my Racing 905 bike protective gear to the real test. Both passed with flying colors. I also sectioned off the size of the venue at my spot and dialed in to a smaller area.

It was a nice and (relatively) short ride to Indy being 900 miles from door to pavement. My first practice session felt horrible, my bike seemed totally different so I checked my tire pressure. Due to environmental influences my tire had increased almost 10 PSI!

After that I felt good enough to lay down a second-place qualifying run in front of Bill D and behind Nick Apex. The next day I couldn’t believe that there was sunshine.

I won round one with my qualifying run; round two I finished second. Nick and I were tied with both of us having a high score of 74.5. I decided to go for broke in round three and started out with a 50/50 180 wall park stoppie that I had won the sickest trick event with and bobbled. That one bobble was enough to put me in second on the day.

I may have won if I had used the run I did well with in round one, but I guess you can never regret going for it!
I won the battle against Bill in this round but he won the war being the 2010 XDL champ.

Fellow Shift rider Dena Sodano won the women’s cup as well as the series. Ernie Vigil took the circle challenge. Shift rider Brian Bubash won the burnout competition by blowing his tire off.

Team road hazards won the Team event with a sick 4 up circle wheelie that had everyone in tears from hysterical laughter. Finally Eric Petit was the proud new owner of a new Aprilia SXV 450 for winning the all star challenge.

This wraps up the 2010 XDL Championship. I finished third in the series and am pleased with my first series podium. I am going to keep working hard to be number one and believe that it is within reach.

Only problem is there are 20 other very capable riders vying for the same goal. Thanks to everyone for getting me this far!

SHIFT, Racing 905, Dave’s Cycle works, Hindle Exhaust, Sparx Helmets, HEL brake lines, Gabriel Racing, Port of Worcester Tattoos, HT Moto, Amsoil, Shinko Tires, Thrust Co, Bike Styles,, and Hohey Designs – thank you all.


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