Harley to Pay $0.10 Dividend on Stock

Harley Stock

Owners of Harley-Davidson stock will be giving a $0.10 per share dividend for the third quarter of 2010. The dividend will be paid on Oct. 15 to anyone who owns Harley-Davidson stock (NYSE: HOG) on Oct. 1.

The Motor Company wants to reward people for investing in the Milwaukee brand, and hasn’t reported if dividends will be paid in future quarters, or if this is only a one-quarter event.

According to Harley:

With HOG currently trading at $28.43/share, this announcement means essentially an automatic 1.2% investment gain for stock owners, however contact your financial advisor before placing any orders.

The vote made by Harley-Davidson’s Board of Directors to institute the stock dividend comes on the heels of the company renegotiating its labor agreements with its unionized Wisconsin work force. It also comes after Harley-Davidson parted ways with its long-time advertising cohort Carmichael Lynch.

Harley-Davidson stock is down 1.42% at the time of this announcement.


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