The Track Club: A Labor Day Vacation

Buttonwillow Track Days

I just had a great day at the track courtesy of Mark Duncan’s The Track Club – one of the original organizations who started the whole track day phenomenon.

Since they first started in 1994, The Track Club has produced more than 300 track days across Southern California, typically at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Sears Point (Infineon) Raceway, and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

I was very impressed how The Track Club staff ran the whole day, and their experience has enabled them to develop an excellent system for providing high speed thrills in safety.

Three 20-minute sessions make up each hour, with "A" group for experienced riders and racers, "B" group for experienced and intermediate riders who want speed without competition, and "C" group for beginner riders or track first timers.

Many wives and girlfriends were spectating and taking pictures, but I also spotted several ladies out on the track with their significant other as well.

Orange vested instructors and vigilant corner workers were on hand every session to help police riding behavior and keep the risks to a minimum.

One young friend in our group was a first-time track day rider, and after each session an instructor came over and gave some impromptu and free of charge advice. It was nice to see someone give the benefit of their experience without wanting to charge lots of money!

Gift Certificates to The Track Club events are available, so if you’re racking your brains what to give the guy (or gal) for Christmas who appears to have everything, then one of these will for sure do the trick.

Buying track day participation in blocks like this will save hundreds of dollars, and they’re fully transferable (re-sellable) and because they don’t expire any unused portion will rollover to the next year.

Gift certificates are personalized and emailed to the "purchaser" with the name of person to be gifted and the certificate can then be printed out or forwarded to the recipient for use when they are ready!

Please either visit or call them at (408) 723-2099 for more details.

See you at the track!