Manx GP: Crash Claims Two in Junior Race

Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

During Wednesday’s Junior Grand Prix Race in the Manx Grand Prix, two riders dies as a result of an accident at Alpine Cottage on the second lap. The Junior race was then abandoned following the double fatal crash on the notorious Isle of Man Mountain.

Chris Bradshaw, 39, a Traffic Police Officer from Tamworth in Birmingham was flown to Noble’s Hospital,anddeclared dead at the hospital. Bradshaw, who first competed on the Isle of Man in 2004, finished 37th in last year’s Senior MGP race.

Jamie Adam, 28, a serving officer in the Royal Navy, from Prestwick in Scotland who was pronounced dead at the scene. Adams, who first competed on the Isle of Man in 2009, finished 9th in the Newcomers race and 27th in the Senior MGP..

The incident is currently being investigated by the Isle of Man Constabulary, who are preparing a report for the Coroner of Inquests.

After the passing of Bradshaw and Adams, the death toll at the Mountain Course rose to 229 since the street-circuit began hosting both the Isle of Man TT races and the Manx Grand Prix in 1907.


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