Harley-Davidson to Open Shop in Lebanon

Harley Motorcycles

Due to the almost 1,000 residents who own motorcycles in Lebanon, Harley-Davidson is set to open a showroom in Beirut, allowing the motorcyclists easier access to bikes, parts and accessories.

Harley-Davidson Worldwide decided to open this showroom to serve the needs of the growing enthusiasm for motorcycles in the Levant and the Pacific Gulf region. Besides the showroom, The Motor Company will also participate in tours and events in Lebanon.

The Beirut showroom, which will set back Harley $2.5 million, is set to open mid-September in Hamra, next to the Central Bank of Lebanon.

This isn’t the first time Harley was in Lebanon. H-D had a dealership there more than 70 years ago, but at the turn of the 21st Century the country lost it’s dealership, which resulted in bikers buying parts and accessories for their motor bikes overseas.

Marwan Tarraf (the owner of the new dealership) told Lebanon Press: “The new showroom will offer bikers in the Levant everything they need to maintain their bikes. Advice, parts, latest bikes, services and technical support will be available so that our riders in the region no longer have to go through the inconvenience of ordering in from abroad.”

“The showroom will also serve as a base to run tours and events. This will bring bikers together and help them to engage with the Harley Davidson community, as well as learn new ways to make the most of their bikes on the open road.”


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