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The Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts in Los Angeles and Pro Italia Motorcycles of Glendale Calif. announced that Jeffrey Jones of San Luis Obisbo was the winner of the raffle for a Ducati Desmosedici D16RR. The D16RR, valued at $72,500, was won by Jones for the cost of one $40 raffle ticket.

As a result of this raffle more than $30,000 was raised for this local, pioneering elementary school.

The winning ticket was drawn on Ducati Island at the US MotoGP (Laguna Seca, Calif) by former world champion Nicky Hayden.

Jones, who was parking when the actual drawing took place, found out about it later in the day when he saw his name posted as the winner at the Pro Italia display.

Jeffrey Jones says: “This is a bike I dreamed about but never thought that I would be able to own‚” said Jeffrey, who is a current Ducati owner and RN. He continued “even if I hadn’t won the raffle, I was happy to contribute to a good cause. Now I can’t wait to get the bike home and take it out. Thanks Los Feliz, Pro Italia and Ducati.”

Bill Nation (dealer/principal of Pro Italia) says: “This raffle was a real win for everyone. Money was raised to help Los Feliz fund its growth, Jeffrey got a one-of-a kind bike for the price of a $40 ticket, and Pro Italia was able to raise awareness of one of the many ways it contributes to communities. We believe that businesses need to give back and we’re now raising money for Riders for Health and to rebuild Angeles Crest.”

“Karin Newlin, the principal of Los Feliz, thanked Pro Italia and Ducati and said “Our school is moving this year and this raffle, which was completely managed by Pro Italia, is going to have a huge and positive impact on our teachers and our students. It’s great to see a local business with an eye on the importance of education.”


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