BMW GS1200: Bitubo Shock Absorbers

BMW GS1200 Motorcycle Accessories

The quality of BMW brand cannot be questioned. Motorcycles, in particular, are the ideal solution for business and leisure, thereby allowing the German manufacturer to win over a diversified public, certain of the reliability and fun of their bikes.

To further enhance safety and fun, Bitubo has manufactured new shock-absorbers for this BMW GS 1200.

For the front compartment, Bitubo – following along the lines of the tradition linking BMW fans to Telever systems – has developed a shock-absorber in aluminium alloy, the WAT 11, which can enhance the stability and the feeling of the GS1200.

Pressurised with a separate (nitrogen) tank, this device offers several adjustments. 12 clicks in compression, continuous nut extension, continuous nut spring preload, and continuous nut wheelbase.

In order to enhance the performance of GS1200 on the road and optimise liveliness and stability, Bitubo has developed the mono shock absorber branded CYU 31 for the rear mono-shock.

This unique device offers nitrogen pressurisation, with a floating piston to separate oil/petrol in the compensation chamber, the piston shaft is 16 mm in diameter with anti-friction treatment and low-friction bushes.

Entirely made of aluminium alloy, teflon and special steel, this device offers several adjustments: low-speed compression (24 clicks), high-speed compression (20 clicks), extension (24 clicks), hydraulic spring preload (24 clicks), adjustable wheelbase (8 mm).

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