Original Buff: Motorcycle Neck Gaiter

Motorcycle Apparel

Multi-functional and indispensible, I almost feel naked when I go motorcycle riding without my Original Buff from House of Buff.

This simple piece of motorcycle apparel is a seamless, tubular polyester microfiber that stretches, breathes, and wicks away moisture, coolly protecting my neck from the sun in the summer.

In cold weather riding, I pull it over my head, balaclava-style, before slipping my helmet on (a nice earring-saver). The insulation from wind and cold is surprisingly effective, and can compensate for being underdressed on cold motorbike rides.

There are a number of different ways to wear the all-season Original Buff, and enough colors and patterns to satisfy any fashion statement.

Due to its versatility, I rarely motorcycle ride without it. Also, there are a number of Buff variations for specific applications.


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