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Bazzaz’s flagship offering, the Z-Fi TC (TC stands for traction control), is a blend of precision motorcycle engine management electronics from the expertise of mastermind, Ammar Bazzaz. It is designed to be a power injection, of sorts, that transforms a street-going sportbike into something more comparable to a snarling, track-hungry superbike beast.

The Z-Fi TC is derived, in part, from Ammar Bazzaz’ tenure as Suzuki Crew Chief for Mat Mladin during his first three AMA Superbike Championships. Each unit comes pre-programmed with a fuel map that is bike- and exhaust-specific, and is plug-and-play straight from your tuner’s shop. There is also an optional handlebar-mounted knob and switch that allow you to change both power delivery and traction control on the fly.

For the fired-up motorcycle track-day enthusiast, however, the Z-Fi TC, with the additional Z-AFM (AFM stands for Air/Fuel Module), allows you to live out your Crew Chief fantasies by analyzing data and modifying fuel maps to your heart’s content, based on ever-changing track, bike, tire, weather and rider conditions. This is achieved with the accompanying software, which I found surprisingly easy and intuitive to navigate.

After about two hours time of set up, our test Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R was dialed in and ready to roll. Firing it up, I was instantly shocked! The rich and snappy baritone voice derived from my Vance & Hines CS One muffler with the stock ignition was now distant background elevator music compared to the unruly gurgling, barking and gnashing of teeth that became the new lead vocal of the ZX-6R.

Equipped with modified percentages, values, and sounds, the ZX-6R was flogged on the track and in the canyons. The new map from the Z-Fi equaled quicker throttle response and an obvious burst on corner exit that actually caught me by surprise initially, but I quickly adjusted to the power increase.

To enhance the track prowess of the ZX-6R further, Bazzaz’ Z-Fi QS quick-shifting unit is virtually mandatory. This unit bolts into the external portion of your shifting mechanism, and is adjustable via software, allowing you to tailor how quickly no-clutch upshifts can be made. It works flawlessly.

Anyone looking for the customizable traction control (and the boost of confidence it delivers), additional power, and improved shifting look only to this suite of products from Bazzaz.


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