Moto2: Carmelo Morales Crash Photos

Moto2 Crash

Two motorcycle racing incidents have marked the Catalan Moto2 Grand Prix for the Tenerife 40 Pons Team. The first occurred just be the start at the first corner, in a reckless maneuver, Alex Debon had been ahead of eight other riders, among them Sergio Gadea. Fortunately, Gadea had been able to continue the race.

The second crash happened to Carmelo Morales, just before the finish line on the last lap of the race. He tangled his front wheel with the back of American Kenny Noyes, leaving the ground in a frightening fall.

Fortunately, Morales, who was taken to the clinic circuit, suffering only bruises on the shoulder and left elbow from the accident, which are are reported to be not that serious.

Sergio Gadea says (translated): "It’s been crazy. I saw that someone got on the inside line and I expected the worst, seeing how I was passed and what was ahead. The problem is that I also have eaten the Mogollon. Pilots have begun to fall and it was a shame. I think I could have done a good race at home, because despite what happened, I have been very strong all weekend."

"I stand by that. I could get my rhythm, and that the handlebar was bent, and the stirrup is broken. Psychologically it is difficult to risk in these conditions. Still I pushed and I’ve scored a 48.7 and several low 49. I’ll take the positives that we are improving, that I have proved I can be up again. Now comes Germany, which is almost another home race, one because it was there that scored first in the World Cup, and then because the Kalex Pons has built there. I would like to get a good result. "

Carmelo Morales says (translated): "The last lap was pretty nice. I think we spent about four times, and entry into the goal he has happened to me and I used to open up a bit to give gas before, with the intention to take the slipstream. I confused a bit, I miscalculated the distance and I have given. I’ve fallen and I began to tumble and I was afraid of hitting the wall. I have noticed a sharp blow, but I was told it was the bike. I kept spinning, and then I noticed that I could hardly breathe a little, but did not notice anything strange in my body."

"I’m not doing my top priority which was to finish the race. Since yesterday I knew I needed a bit of pace, I lacked confidence with the front of the bike. He was a fair bit in the group of Elijah, and I was gone. It has been a difficult weekend because I would have missed a couple of bad practice to be competitive. I wanted to get a little more, of finish within the top five. "