ParkinGO Misano: Qualifying 2nd Session


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Fabrizio Perotti powered to the motorcycle racing pole position to beat Giuliano Rovelli, but the front row stayed the same at the end of day 2 of qualifying practice of Triumph ParkinGO European Series, with Matteo Marzotto able to keep third place and Ronnie Repetti fourth.

Most of the riders improved and went faster on a track in better condition and with more grip. Predictably it will be a tough race, especially for the podium.

Toni Salom , Francesco Paolillo, Samuela De Nardi and Nicola Ruggiero will start from the second row, ready to take advantage of any possible mistake from the riders in front of them.

Other riders battling for a good position might be those who qualified in the third row Sergiovich, Bedeschi, Costa and Toini, who all went a lot faster than yesterday.

Fabrizio Perotti says: “I really wanted this pole and I managed to beat Rovelli, but the real battle will be in race tomorrow, probably between me and him”.

2010 – Round 4 Misano – Qualifying 2nd Session

1 43 Perotti F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’45.861
2 23 Rovelli G. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’46.818
3 33 Marzotto M. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’48.091
4 21 Repetti R. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’49.725
5 25 Salom T. (ESP) Street Triple R 1’51.223
6 27 Paolillo F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’51.284
7 84 De Nardi S. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’51.393
8 50 Ruggiero N. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’52.405
9 143 Sergiovich C. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’52.700
10 80 Bedeschi R. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’52.746


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