Josh Borne Appears on Discovery Channel

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Pro Streetbike Freestyler, Josh Borne gets a guest shot on the Discovery Channel’s new Ultimate Car Build Off TV program.

Borne took a break from competing in 2010 XDL Championship to participate in the filming of the show, which is set to air on July 19th at 9 p.m.

In addition to showing off his skills on a bike, Josh had the opportunity to show off his engineering background from Kettering University and his experience with General Motors to help two Detroit-based shops build the ultimate wheelie machine.

Monkeywrench Racing and Voodoo Choppers were tasked with merging two motorcycles into a 4-wheeled vehicle. The goal: ride the longest wheelie down Michigan’s historic Grosse Ile Municipal Airport runway with the winner taking home $100,000.

We won’t spoil the show by telling who won, but we can say that Josh had a blast teaching hosts Andrew Compri-Pichard (X-Games Pro Rally racer in real life) and top hot rod fabricator Lou Santiago the basics of freestyle.

Even world renown automotive designer Chip Foose joined in on the fun and was impressed with Borne’s ability on a bike and with a wrench.

"We couldn’t have anything happen to all these stars, so Scorpion Sports was happy to step up with protective gear for Josh, ACP, Lou and the contestants from Monkeywrench racing and Voodoo Choppers," says Scorpion’s marketing/media relations guru, Suzie Kirby. "I can’t wait to see how great the gear looks on TV."

She notes that like Josh, a number of the nation’s top streetbike freestyle riders rely on EXOskeletal protection and helmets from Scorpion.

The Scorpion pros include top XDL contender Teach McNeil on the factory BMW, "Sick" Rick Hart Aaron Twite and Eric "E-Brake" Pettit.

For more details of Josh Borne’s freestyle program, educational outreach or his impending TV appearance, check your local listings for Discovery Channel programming.


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