Roberto Locatelli Debuts eCRP 1.2

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Modena, June 11th. The circuit of Castelletto, near Pavia, and with the kind hospitality of Max Temporali permitted the first on-track appearance of the eCRP 1.2, the final version of the electric motorcycle from CRP Racing that is going to be presented with an official press release next Monday June 14th.

The Italian circuit in the North of Italy was the scenario followed by the cameras of SkySport yesterday afternoon that were on track to record this incredible event: the World Champion Roberto Locatelli rode the eCRP 1.2 to test the performances of the motorbike of the future.

Roberto Locatelli says: "It was a terrific experience, at first I have not a clear idea of what it would have meant to me riding the eCRP. I have done 5 laps and I would never stop to be honest. I would keep on running at full throttle for all day. I look forward to ride again eCRP. It is great fun, speed and pure adrenaline on two wheels!"

This event was in particularly recorded for the TV program ICARUS, well-known for its unordinary stories where passion for adventure and adrenaline are the key ingredients.

Yesterday on the track of Castelletto an extraordinary adventure took place under the eyes of SkySport cameras that CRP Racing with its 100% electric motorcycle is no more an illusion but reality.

The news was also reported by SkySport24 in the evening.

The eCRP 1.2 is going to be presented with the official press release next Monday June 14th with never revealed pictures and with interesting information about this latest version. Stay tuned here at for the breaking new.


The eCRP 1.0 is an Italian designed and built electric motorcycle for the clean emission zero carbon World Championship TTXGP.

On the 13th of January in 2010 the orginal bike was launched in the
presence of the Minister for Science and Innovation, Hon Lord Drayson.

As a pure racing motorcycle, it is compact and the dimensions allow for it to be ridden by men, women and young riders.

eCRP is the electric motorcycle of CRP Racing, an established constructor of racing motorcycles, such as the two-stroke 125cc based on Honda and 250cc and Moto2.

Fill in the form to reserve your eCRP and live the experience to ride green on two-wheels.


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