Hangtown MX: Dungey Takes It Outdoors

Hangtown Motocross

Rockstar Makita Suzuki has been working diligently to prepare for the start of the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, which kicks off tomorrow at Hangtown Raceway in Sacramento, Calif.

The 2010 AMA Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey will take part in his first outdoor season aboard the fuel-injected RM-Z450, and he’ll be joined by teammate Matt Moss who earned the 2009 Australasian Supercross Pro Lites and Australian Motocross Pro Lites titles.

Dungey is excited for the series to start and hoping to carry the momentum from his amazing 2010 Supercross victory to the Outdoor Nationals.

In 2009, Dungey won the AMA Pro Motocross Lites Championship for the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team, and he’s ready to battle with the competition in the 450 class this year.

Dungey has his RM-Z450 dialed in, and though the setup is different than his Supercross settings, the RM-Z is very versatile and adaptable to differing racing demands.

A true Suzuki Champion, Dungey came up through the amateur ranks in the Suzuki program. His work ethic and natural racing talent throughout his amateur career drew the attention of Team Manager and five-time World Champion Roger DeCoster.

With solid results and making a point of talking with Roger at any given opportunity throughout his amateur career, Dungey found himself on DeCoster’s race team in 2006.

While Dungey was not well known, DeCoster and racing legend Ricky Carmichael both saw a lot of potential in him.

Dungey learned a lot from his two racing mentors, and quickly began to show the world what DeCoster and Carmichael saw in him.

Dungey earned the 2009 Western Regional Lites Supercross title and the Lites Pro Motocross title, and he went to the Motocross of Nations in 2009 and became an international sensation as he won his moto and helped Team USA to victory.

Matt Moss will begin his U.S. racing career this weekend in Hangtown. An injury sustained in Australia just before the start of the Supercross season sidelined Moss, but he’s been at the track prepping for his debut on the Suzuki RM-Z450.

Moss did well in Australia on his Suzuki, earning two titles in 2009 and one in 2008. His jump up to the 450 will give him more power on tap to pull off the gate and propel him to the finish line.

Austin Stroupe is slated to return to racing aboard the fuel-injected 2010 Suzuki RM-Z250 soon. He suffered an injury during the Supercross season and is working hard to come back to racing stronger than ever.

Stroupe was on track to a successful 2010, and he will continue his consistent, solid performances when the series rolls around to Red Bud in Michigan at the beginning of July.

The Hangtown Motocross race takes place on Saturday, May 22. Look for the Rockstar Makita Suzuki RM-Z450s to be up front and ready to race!


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