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Who needs the Smithsonian? When it comes to motorcycles, we have the Wheels Through Time Museum on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

We have had a lot of great shows here on the Motorcycle Radio Network, but this week’s show will definitely go down in history as one of Bill and Todd’s favorites.

Imagine a museum where motorcycles are the cornerstone, where cars and trucks are relegated to also-ran status. Let’s go a step further and focus the collection and exhibits on motorcycles manufactured right here in the United States of America.

Since we are dreaming, we’ll put the motorcycles out where you can run your hands over the components, feeling the sandcast engine cases and multi-piece drive belts. For that matter, let’s make it so you can hear these machines run and smell the gas and oil as the motorcycle goes by…

And of course, let’s locate it someplace where the ride to the museum only adds to the incredible experience that awaits, maybe on the most scenic highway in America, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Wow, now THAT would be something.

Well, folks, it IS something, and that something is called the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Founder and curator Dale Walksler joins us on the Motorcycle Radio Network to talk about the inspiration and passion behind one of this country’s treasures.

It’s a don’t-miss show, so listen to our streaming podcast of our interview with Dale here.

You can also go to the Wheels Through Time website for great videos and blogs that take you behind the scenes at the museum that will soon hit the top of your motorcycling bucket list.

In heartbreaking news this week, we lost one of the most colorful and talented motocross riders this country has ever known. Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler was a standout in the 1980’s, and in 1982 won all 4 motos at both the Trophy and MX des Nations events.

My own memories of him from that time include wanting to rename the track ‘Magoonadilla’ after watching him make the fearsome track look like a playground. His career took a tragic turn after a crash at an event in Paris left him paralyzed, but Danny told later of the positive effects the event had on him.

You can read several articles and memories of Danny over at

Tony Russo’s Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler R.I.P.

Brad Lackey’s Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler Passing

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