Motorcycle Gloves

For those of us with poor circulation in our extremities, Harley-Davidson’s Battery Operated Heated Gloves are a finger-saver.

Both with and without the full-hand heating element engaged, the cozy fleece-lined gloves extend down the temperatures I can comfortably ride in, making the difference between riding or driving in frigid conditions.

Patience is required to maneuver the rechargeable lithium batteries into very tight pockets on the back of the gauntlet cuffs, but once encased, there is no reason to remove them as they can be charged in place.

A simple push button allows me to cycle through four temperature settings, keeping my fingers warm and flexible in changing conditions. The gloves can also be powered by the motorcycle’s electrical system.

H-D Overview

The Heated Gloves feature Microwire heating technology, a patented process of using micro-sized stainless steel fibers that are intertwined and encased in a Teflon coating.

The Microwire is woven into a heating matrix within the glove and provides consistent heat coverage to the entire length of each finger, including the thumb as well as the back of the hand. 100% Genuine Leather gloves with waterproof, breathable Aquatex liner.

Soft fleece lining, pre-curved fingers, padded palms, and adjustable wrist with zip-cinch cuff. Can be worn alone or with other heated clothing. Graphics in contrasting colors. Battery pocket built into gauntlet cuff.

Sold separately, the lithium Rechargeable 7V Battery Pack (P/N 98548-09V, $40/pair) offers multiple heat settings, providing 100 percent heat output for approximately two hours, or 50 percent heat output for six hours.

The women’s Battery Operated Heated Gloves (P/N 98349-09VW, $170) are available in XS-XL.