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Dainese brings its impressive arsenal of high-tech knowledge to the Torque range of motorcycle riding boots giving exceptional crash protection without sacrificing comfort or feel at the controls. Both In or Out (of the pants leg) styles are available, and the Air version is perforated for hotter riding conditions.

I am impressed with the super-easy to put on rear-entry design with its single zipper at the back; the boot fits well, doesn't need any fussy adjusters, and the Lorica concertina panel in front allows enough foot extension and compression movement.

A vertical tongue inside the rear of the Torque boot has integral armor that protects my heel and Achilles tendon. Large Velcro adjusters join the zipper area with the meat of the boot giving a precise fit to my calf.

I have become a big fan of the quality, simplicity and comfort of the Dainese Torque boots and, having crashed wearing them at Ascari last year, I can also report that Dainese's claims of superior protection aren't just torque. The MSRP is $319.00.


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