Sabertooth debuts 2010 WildCat Models

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Sabertooth Motorcycles has announced the latest versions of its 2010 Wildcat bike line-up, including the standard WildCat, the 427 WildCat, the 427X WildCat, the WildCat X1, the TurboCat, and the Midnight WildCat.

The standard Wildcat features a Ford Racing 302 ci V8 engine with Ford Racing aluminum GT 40 cylinder heads and Ford Racing high performance camshaft.

The Midnight WildCat boasts of “a dramatic new look of mystery and stealth,” according to Sabertooth It has blacked out wheels, pulley and discs combine with black anodized controls, headlight and front end plus a special selection of paint.

The WildCat X features a 330 mm rear tire completes the visual appeal of a radical ride. An extensive chrome package including headlight, forks, controls, bell housing, wheels, pulley and brake components (plus such touches as stainless steel engine hoses with anodized fittings) sets off a stunning array of paint schemes to create the exclusive WildCat X from Sabertooth Motorcycles.

The WildCat 427 combines all the styling of the standard with additional displacement, horsepower, and torque.

With its 330 mm rear tire and chain drive paired with a 550 HP powerplant, Sabertooth claims that the WildCat 427X is “the most radical ride on the road.” An extensive chrome package and choices of paint make the Wildcat 427X very customizable.

Long and low, the StreetCat is a pro-street bike with some serious attitude. With a 350 horsepower Ford Racing engine and sleek styling, the StreetCat is available with a wide variety of options.

Based on the Rat Rod motorcycle, the StreetCat is intended to captures the nostalgic look without compromising the ride, thanks to a 350 horsepower Ford Racing engine, springer front end and suspension seat. Unique features include a hub-mounted revolutionary 360-degree brake that allows an uninterrupted view of the spoke wheel.

The biggest boss bike in the Sabertooth lineup is the TurboCat. It features a Ford Racing Aluminator 4.6 liter DOHC 32 valve, V8 engine with twin turbochargers. A claimed 600 HP is delivered to the ground via a 330 mm rear tire with dual chain drives.


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