Rossi Chicken Helmet: AGV GP-Tech

Motorcycle Helmet

Available in the fall of 2010, is the full-face helmet worn by Valentino Rossi to celebrate his 9th victory at the Grand Prix World Championship gained in Malaysia. (Valentino also wore this crowd-pleasing motorcycle helmet during the MotoGP winter tests.)

The new graphics called "THE CHICKEN" will be produced in a limited number of pieces distributed all over the world.

The helmet chosen for this limited edition accessory will be the GP-TECH, top range AGV product, that has been designed, projected and developed with Valentino’s motorcycle racing support.

Taking the best from the previous road race helmets (Ti-tech, GP-Pro) and from the AGV racetrack experience, GP-Tech matches lightness, ventilation and comfort with an extremely innovative and aerodynamic design.

This entirely made-in-Italy helmet is the product of an hi-tech, eco-friendly plant – thanks also to the use of water paint.

The chicken or better the hen in the drawing is the one that lays the golden egg. Over the years, she’s laid nine, one for each World GP Racing Titles that Valentino Rossi has won.

The ironic reference to the saying "old hen makes good broth" is equally clear, a saying Valentino also endorsed on the t-shirt he wore at the end of the Sepang race, as if to refute those who thought "his goose was cooked" and that he was no longer capable of winning. The day that Valentino is good only for broth lies far ahead indeed!

Rossi Chicken Helmet Technical Features

1. 3 shell sizes in SSL (Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon )

2. IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation system with wide channels hollowed directly in the shell for an enhanced air-flow into the helmet and an improved aerodynamic penetration

3. 3 front air vents and 5 rear extractors

4. Visor micro-opening system for an effective anti-fog effect even in bad atmospheric conditions

5. New Shield Mechanism with XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) to replace the visor without tools in few seconds. Safety device to avoid visor detachment in case of fall

6. Detachable nose protector

7. Detachable wind-protector for chin

8. Fully removable and washable (including neckroll) inside padding

9. Multi-featured fabrics with hygienic treatment for maximum comfort; humidity and sweat absorbing Cool Max for forehead, temples, back of the neck areas; hyper-breathable material for the top and rear area for an effective air-flow; micro-fibre material on the cheek pads to guarantee comfort and coolness

10. Double-D retention system

11. AGV Helmet Available Sizes: XXS-XXXL


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