Maddison Jumps Corinth Canal in Greece

FMX Jump

Freestyle motocross star Robbie Maddison can´t stand still. Yesterday, he performed an amazing moto-x jump over the Canal of Corinth in Greece. The 28-year old Australian rider, took to the air from the western side of the Canal, and soared an incredible 85 m fly, before completing a hard but safe landing at the opposite side.

Robbie Maddison is the first fmx rider who dared and accomplished to cross over the Canal of Corinth on his motorbike. The world-class rider accelerated from the specially constructed ramp and took off with a speed of 120 km/h, defying the strong wind currents existing at the location and "flying" more than 80 m over the unfriendly waters of the 1881 till 1893 built Canal.

Robbie Maddison says: "Jumping across the Corinth Canal became a challenge I just could not resist. This Jump involved the highest consequences I have faced so far. I believe that sometimes you have to take risks in life to become wiser and facing a challenge like this will help get me ready for the next aim I will face in the future. I am thrilled about managing to pull it off, as you know there is only one opportunity to get it right!"

The risky stunt at the Greek landmark, was the latest highlight of the incredible Australian who already gained the world record leap of 98 m over the length of a football field, his huge 25.5-m step-up jump onto the roof of the ten-story replica Arc de Triomphe of Paris, in Las Vegas, and jumping the world renowned Tower Bridge, in London last summer.

Maddison will now head straight to Mexico-City, where the Red Bull X-Fighters WorldTour 2010 will kick off. There, the "Flying" Australian will battle for glory at Monumental Plaza de Toros on April 16.


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