JCR’s Weigand not to defend Baja 250

San Felipe 250 Update

Just in from JCR/Honda race team… Timmy Weigand was in full Baja preparation mode, getting ready to join Kendall Norman and defend his 2009 SCORE Baja 250 win aboard his number 1x Honda CRF450X.

He had scheduled his departure for Baja, Mexico on Sunday March 7th. On Saturday March 6th Timmy woke up and got dressed as usual. Timmy recalls washing his face in the bathroom when he felt a slight headache come on as he stood up from the sink; he was suddenly blinded in his left eye.

Not sure what to make of it he laid down and his vision came back but was blurry. Timmy’s wife Nicole, who is nine months pregnant and due to have their second child next week, did some quick research online and realized that they needed to go to the ER.

At the ER they gave Timmy a CT scan finding no abnormalities. From there he was sent to an Ophthalmologist, fearing that he had a torn retina. The doctor carefully and thoroughly examined Timmy’s and found his eyes to be in perfect condition.

The doctor then insisted that Timmy go back to the ER because something else is wrong. With a cell phone in one ear and a landline in the other the way was paved for Timmy’s priority return to the ER. Now back at the ER, he underwent several tests including EKG and Blood work.

Still inconclusive he was admitted to the Hospital late on Saturday and scheduled for an MRI Sunday morning. The MRI revealed that he had suffered a stroke in the back of his brain. A slew of tests followed and on Tuesday it was revealed that Timmy had a bilateral hole in his heart that was the cause of the stroke.

This hole is congenital and he will need to have heart surgery to fix it. He is seeing the best specialists and with special thanks to Dr. Helm, is getting priority treatment.

Timmy’s family, friends, team and sponsors have been an incredible support to him and he wants to express his appreciation and overwhelmed gratitude and most of all to his wife Nicole.

Please send your thoughts, prayers and get well soon messages to Timmy on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Timmy-Weigand/96925577931

Timmy is in good spirits and is sure he will be back up and running in 3 to 4 months.