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If you ride motocross, you know how difficult it is sometimes to find a decent facility that caters to the particular whims of the off-road rider–a place that offers some variety and isn’t four hours away in some God-forsaken patch of desert. Well, motocross enthusiasts living in (or visiting) southern California rejoice, because you can unleash your passions at Milestone Ranch MX Park.

Located in Riverside between the San Bernardino and Pomona freeways, the Milestone MX Park is neatly tucked away behind an industrial park. The facility is well maintained and offers four main tracks designed for varying levels of rider ability. Chances are Milestone MX has a track perfectly suited for your level of riding.

The main track is a fairly long, undulating layout with plenty of double and triple jumps and a variety of turns, from sweepers to tight 180-degree switchbacks. The double and triple jumps are made less treacherous with grooming that turns them into semi-plateaus, eliminating a lot of "brown-trouser" affairs.

The Vet Track, while fun and slightly technical, is a less demanding layout with fewer jumps. Rider level here runs the gamut, from older, returning riders (who may be a little rusty) to experienced motoheads (of all ages), to the relatively fast. There was an overriding air of politeness on the Vet Track, with people making safe passes and no attitude–a fun group of people.

The Intermediate Track is much more sweeping with relatively few challenges, making it well-suited to beginning riders. There’s a Pee-Wee track for the kids, and a special Pit Bike layout intended for adults on minis (an increasingly popular venue).

There’s even an R/C track for the remote control enthusiast. Last, but certainly not least, there’s the new Supercross Track. This is a full-blown, high-flying layout mimicking professional indoor venues. The track is reserved for riders carrying a Pro License.

Milestone MX caters to quads as well as motorcycles, and was even hosting a mini-off-road truck race when we were there. On weekends, the park maintains a full competition schedule with several different series, covering the full range of riding levels.

The soil at Milestone MX Park is relatively loamy, with management doing a good job at keeping all the tracks watered and groomed. Ultimately, for the motocross enthusiast, Milestone Ranch MX Park is a little piece of heaven. It’s definitely the place to moto in Southern California.

Motocross Riding Style
Helmet: Fox Racing
Goggles: Oakley
Jersey, gloves and pants: Shift Faction
Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10

For Milestone MX Park pricing and additional information call 951-686-GOMX (4669) or go to:


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