Bazzaz supports M4 Monster Energy Suzuki

Bazzaz, manufacturer of the popular Z-Fi TC fuel control, quick shift, and traction control system, has announced a new partnership with the M4 Monster Energy Suzuki and Suzuki teams. The teams will be campaigning the 2010 AMA Superbike & Sportbike Championships. We believe in these teams and expect some interesting battles for the championships.

Ammar Bazzaz Speaks… President and CEO of Bazzaz

"2010 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for us at Bazzaz. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our new technical partnership with M4 Monster Energy Suzuki and Suzuki, with highly respected riders John Hopkins, Chris Ulrich and Martin Cardenas."

"Racing and the requisite development of technology is at the core of our company. The addition of M4 Monster Energy Suzuki and Suzuki to our portfolio of technological partners is not only commensurate with our technology development philosophy, but it indicative of our growth as a company. We look forward to supporting these teams for 2010 and beyond."

According to Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki crew chief Keith Perry, "We are really looking forward to working with Ammar and his company in 2010. He has earned quite a reputation through the years with his traction control and fuel mapping capabilities and his company’s ability to help even the best teams in these areas."


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