Brembo announces 10 new motorcycle products

Brembo, a world leader in brake systems, continues its practice of introducing innovative high-performance motorcycle products for the North American market at DealerExpo in Indianapolis this weekend. The new product offerings include a unique "T-Drive" disc, a new family of high-performance calipers, an off-road caliper, an oversize cross disc from Brembo Racing and a series of updates for the RCS radial brake and clutch master cylinders introduced two years at DealerExpo.

With knowledge gained from years of research and from its many victories in the world of top motorsports competition, Brembo is able to offer constant innovation involving new technologies, materials and state-of-the-art products that results in the most comprehensive line of high-performance braking systems and components in the world.

This means that when motorcycle enthusiasts decide to replace their OE system with Brembo high-performance products, not only can they improve their ride in terms of performance and safety, but they can also add value to their motorcycle’s aesthetics.

A product of experience acquired in SBK and MotoGP, the brand new T-Drive is the next generation of product reflecting the natural evolution of Brembo brake discs engineered for competition use.

The key feature of the new T-drive system is an innovative method of transferring brake torque from disc to wheel, in which the conventional system of cylindrical bobbins are replaced by a set of eight "T" pins on the disc and eight corresponding segments formed in the disc carrier.

The special shape of the pins was developed following a dedicated study of machining tolerances and ensures braking torque can be transmitted more efficiently by offering increased resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses, especially under extreme operations such as those encountered in competition.

The connection between disc and carrier is assured by a special guillotine-type interface (patent applied for), which allows both radial and axial float, as well as reducing the overall weight of the disc. This brings considerable advantages in terms of enhanced ride ability when compared with the conventional disc-carrier interface using round bobbins.

Other significant improvements achieved with the T-drive design are a more consistent friction coefficient and more effective bedding-in of disc and pads, thanks to the use of a braking surface -made of steel identical to that of SBK and MotoGP discs – that features a new layout of the mixed-diameter ventilation holes.

The width of the braking surface has also been optimized: the band has been made narrower while maintaining a thickness of 5.5 mm, thereby minimizing weight and inertia and making the bike more nimble.

The carrier is anodized charcoal black, as on the latest generation of racing discs. An attractive feature in its own right is the logo, imprinted on the carrier and painted in the familiar Brembo red, another clear indicator of the product’s racing image.

T-Drive discs are available for the most popular Japanese super-sport bikes now on the market and packaged as kits in the classic Brembo retail format, complete with instructions and stickers.

The new family of GP 4R caliper includes the GP 4RR and the GP 4RX calipers.

These new calipers represent another step forward in the evolution of Brembo calipers: their innovative quality lies in the use of topology optimization* deriving from the experience acquired by Brembo in racing.

With the aid of this pioneering software, it has been possible to optimize the geometry of the caliper body, revolutionizing the accepted notions of competition caliper styling and raising the engineering and performance level of the product still higher.

Machined entirely from billet stock using the latest CAD-CAM technologies, these calipers are much lighter than comparable components now on the market, and feature a mass/stiffness ratio second to none in its class.

The body is designed with a central bridge structure that also has the effect of increasing its overall stiffness. Brembo’s experience at the highest levels of motorsport competition is reflected directly in the nickel-plated body that not only creates a highly attractive look but also allows designers to make machining tolerances even finer, achieving added benefits in terms of performance and operating precision.

The monobloc GP 4RR caliper utilizes four pistons of 32/36mm diameter and promises to become the new benchmark in the competition world; as it is, it has already been race proven by some of the most important teams of the new Moto2 Championship.

The new GP 4RX derived from GP 4RR caliper is directly interchangeable on the forks of the most popular Japanese maxi-sport bikes and will mount with OE discs, as well as with the brand new T-Drive and Brembo Performance discs (as used by 2009 World Supersport Champion Cal Crutchlow).

Special guides machined directly into the body of the caliper support the pads; therefore, the GP 4RX has no guide pins.

Particular care has gone into the design of the hydraulics that utilizes four 32 mm-diameter pistons to ensure that the renowned attributes of power and operational flexibility associated with every Brembo caliper are suitably maximized.

Supplied as a kit, the caliper comes with technically state-of-the-art sintered pads, Brembo stickers, special thermo tapes and full instructions.

*Topology optimization software, used for simulation purposes, allows the designer to construct a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a component, starting from a given reference geometry. Simulating the operation of a component, through iterative procedures, the software automatically identifies the material not required and proceeds to eliminate it. The result is a new geometry that exploits the material to the full, and optimizes the performance, stiffness and weight of the component.

The new Brembo PF 2×24 caliper represents another step forward in the evolution of calipers for off-road use: reduced weight and better rigidity give maximum control over the braking action, offering riders competition-class performance.

Designed for racing systems fitted to the most popular KTM and Husaberg machines, the caliper is machined from billet stock and undergoes a hard-anodizing treatment that increases its ability to withstand the rigors of sports riding.

This caliper has been greatly improved in terms of its ability to dissipate heat by virtue of the window in the bridge, and is also easier to service thanks to the adoption of a more stable pad spring. For added impact protection, the threaded bosses of the pipe and bleed screw are turned toward the inside of the wheel, whilst the mounting bracket is forged aluminum, combining lightness and strength to optimum effect.

Supplied as a kit, the caliper comes with technically state-of-the-art sintered pads, Brembo stickers, special thermo tapes and full instructions.

Brembo Racing now offers a new oversize disc for motocross and off-road competition machines.

In combination with Brembo Racing pads, the new disc guarantees a powerful, yet fully controllable, braking action, and will deliver optimum performance under any condition.

Developed over several years in the World Mx1-Mx2 and World Enduro championships, the oversize disc measures 267 mm in diameter, 3mm thick and weighs just 630 grams.

The special geometry ensures top performance at low speeds and high speeds alike.

The stainless steel racing material is drilled in such a way as to maximize performance, minimize wear on the pads and optimize bedding-in.

The interface between disc and flange uses components designed especially to withstand persistently high thermal and mechanical stresses, particularly under extreme riding conditions of the kind experienced in competition, guaranteeing optimum continuity of performance.

Steel buttons are used to prolong the disc life, and the aluminum flange is machined from billet stock to guarantee maximum stiffness. The bracket is designed to reduce caliper distortion and minimize the weight of the brake assembly.

The disc can be used with Brembo sintered pads, which will guarantee maximum performance whatever the riding conditions. The product will be available for the more popular bike models from June 2010.

The RCS range of radial master cylinders, launched three years ago, has grown and grown. In addition to the versions already familiar to Brembo customers, the range now includes:

19RCS CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER: Designed for the most popular maxi super-sport bikes, like the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZZR 1400, this new RCS clutch master cylinder has a 19 mm bore to improve feel and lever effort on larger displacement engines. With the 19RCS, the rider can change the lever pivot distance from 18mm to 20mm simply by turning the Brembo-patented adjuster inside the cylinder. This device is particularly useful for adjusting the lever effort to suit the needs and preferences of the rider and the type of clutch disc assembly.

19RCS BRAKE AND CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDERS FOR CUSTOM BIKES: Suitable for use on custom machines, 19RCS brake and clutch master cylinders come with a bracket clamp shaped especially to fit custom handlebars of 1" diameter; the master cylinder has a forged body, and the clamps are machined on CNC equipment. With 19RCS master cylinders, the rider can change the lever pivot distance from 18mm to 20mm simply by turning the Brembo-patented adjuster inside the cylinder. The brake master cylinder is also equipped with a rear stoplight micro-switch.

RCS LOW-DRAG LEVER KIT: The innovative RCS lever kit with low-drag feature is made in a dual version for brake and clutch. Considerably lighter than standard RCS levers, this component incurs a hard black anodizing process. Derived from Brembo Racing experience, the singular shape creates a particularly attractive look. This product is suitable for track use only and is sold as a dedicated kit.

MECHANICALLY OPERATED CLUTCH LEVER FOR YAMAHAS: For Yamaha maxi-sport bike enthusiasts, Brembo offers a new mechanical clutch lever assembly, suitable for the various models made by the Japanese manufacturer.

The special geometry of the lever boss, machined entirely from billet stock, is complemented by notable ease of use – thanks to the Plug & Play type of design, which ensures the lever can mount directly to the original arm – making this latest generation model notably attractive to riders seeking performance and a Racing look.

Appearance-wise, this lever assembly is similar in all respects to the 19RCS, with laser-imprinted Brembo Racing logo, and the famous tricolor flag on the lever boss: with these features, the rider can have the same RCS look on both the brake and the clutch lever.

CLAMP FOR NAKED BIKES: Brembo offers a new RCS master cylinder bracket clamp, incorporating a mount for a rear view mirror, which is aimed at naked bike enthusiasts. The body of the clamp has a hard-anodized finish and M8x1.25 thread for Ducati applications.

The clamp is compatible with the full range of RCS radial master cylinders and available for both clutch and brake versions.

Brembo, a world leader in engineering, development and production of high-performance braking systems and components, was established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy. Brembo is an engineering company with over eight percent of its 5400 employees dedicated to research, development and innovation. Brembo has 34 plants and offices in 14 countries worldwide.

Brembo offers a comprehensive line of brake components and systems ranging from original equipment and aftermarket replacement parts, to racing and high-performance upgrades, as well as performance motorcycle components and systems.

As a global supplier, Brembo supplies the most important motorcycle, snowmobile and All Terrain Vehicle manufacturers in the world including Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Bombardier, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Husqvarna, KTM, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, Piaggio, Polaris, Triumph, Vectris and Yamaha.

Brembo has also proven dominant in motorsports with its products winning more than 200 world championships, including Formula One, MotoGP, World SBK, AMA Pro Superbike, and NASCAR championships in 2008. 2008 turnover was 1.06 billion Euros.

Brembo is the owner of the Brembo, Marchesini, and Sabelt brands and operates through AP Racing brand.