Alpinestars Winter Tech Under-Apparel

Extended Riding Season

We all know how much pleasure is robbed from us while having to endure a freezing motorcycle ride, let alone not be able to ride at all. It's nothing short of egregious. In the past, while on the most frigid of morning motorcycle rides to work, I've been know to don five layers in my quest to stay snug--a near insurmountable task to be comfortable or flexible while looking like the Michelin Man.

The Alpinestars Winter Tech performance bottom and top are a first rate solution to my wintry riding woes. Since acquiring this set of Alpinestars undergear, I've already ridden far beyond my normal wintertime motorcycle quota. I've definitely been warmer and more comfortable, without loss of flexibility-due, in part, to the minimal number of seams as well as the hi-tech fabric that has a compression fit for muscle support.

The Alpinestars Winter Tech Pants and Top have comfortable moisture wicking material for optimal thermal protection, which certainly adds to the comfort. I have shed multiple layers for more enjoyable motorcycle riding without any negative consequence.

As the heat of the sun brakes through, the Winter Tech gear also helped modulate my body temperate, keeping me within a comfort zone when I thought I might overheat--a notable plus. The Alpinestars Winter Tech Performance Pants and Top are efficient and unobtrusive, allowing me to say with confidence that there will be no such hibernation for my motorcycle this year.



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