2010 Kawasaki KLX250SF | Preview Video

2010 KLX250SF Video

Click video to see the overview of the new 2010 Kawasaki KLX250SF. Based on Kawasaki’s critically acclaimed KLX250S (dual sport), the new KLX250SF targets on-road fun with sticky street radials mounted on 17-inch wheels, a lower seat height, a bit less suspension travel and a big front brake. This new Kawasaki “supermoto” looks like a fun little 250cc motorcycle.

Compared to the KLX250S dual sport, the KLX250SF has reduced wheel travel at both ends, placing the center of gravity lower for improved on-road handling and enhanced straight-line stability. The change in setup offers a firmer ride than the 250S, thanks to a change in front fork oil level and revised damping settings for both the fork and shock.