World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides | US Highway 1

Coast Highway Video

Click video to see the Travel Channel’s (UK) new motorcycle travel program: World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides, by Henry Cole as he travels the California Cosat Highway. He makes this rides on a Saxon motorcycle. Henry likes the looks of the semi custom bike and more important, he believes the motorcycle drives smoothly and comfortably. we guess he has not ridden a modern sport touring motorcycle.

US Highway 1, one of the most famous coastal rides in the world, hugs the west coast from San Francisco to Laguna Beach. Its 650 miles length is steeped in American history and iconography. There is adventure and luxury to experience in equal measure and the only way to feel the true sense of freedom and escapism is to ride it not drive it. If there is one route that delivers riding the American dream it has to be Highway 1.



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