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Shell V-Power

Shell is proud to support its close technical partner of ten years, Ducati, for the launch of the new Hypermotard 796. The latest addition to the Hypermotard family benefits from Shell's track-to-road philosophy - not only does Ducati use Shell products on the racetrack in MotoGP and World Superbike, it also chooses Shell Advance oil and Shell V-Power road fuel as the first fill for every Ducati leaving the famed Borgo Panigale factory in Bologna, Italy.

Shell's technical partnership with Ducati is a strategic relationship in which both parties embrace engineering development, and one which extends to the road-going products of both brands. Working closely with Ducati's engineers, Shell's team of fuel and lubricant experts are on-hand to help Ducati maximise performance in each and every one of its bikes, from the Desmosedici GP9 to the Hypermotard 796. The brand new Ducati Hypermotard 796 boasts the best fuel economy of the entire range with an impressive 4.8l/100km (CEE spec) or 58.9mpg (UK CEE spec).

Complementing Ducati's fuel economy achievements, Shell V-Power fuel is specially designed to deliver improved engine efficiency and so better motorcycle performance. Working in harmony with Shell V-Power with the aim of reducing fuel consumption, the latest version of Shell Advance motorcycle oil provides lasting cleanliness and protection for the engine, maintaining its responsiveness and keeping the motorcycle performing at its best for longer.

Michael Knaak, Ducati Technical Leader Speaks...

"Over the ten years of technical partnership with Ducati, we have seen consistent performance improvements in Shell V-Power fuels and Shell Advance lubricants. Ultimately, the technical partnership with Ducati provides us with an environment to test our fuels and lubricants in extreme conditions. This then gives a better understanding of what will deliver improved power, performance and efficiency for everyday motorcycle engines such as the Ducati Hypermotard 796."

The program is extensive, covering technical support and consultation, plus product development and provision of Shell Advance lubricant and Shell V-Power fuel. Based in the Shell facilities in Hamburg (Germany) and regularly visiting the Ducati factory in Bologna (Italy), Shell works closely alongside the Italian manufacturer to ensure fuel and lubricant performance is optimised, to the benefit of bikers all over the world. As part of the complex development process, Shell V-Power fuels and Shell Advance oils are tested in the harshest of environments, across different continents with varying climates. This ensures that Shell products are uniquely suited to optimise power output under a range of different temperatures and humidities.

Knaak Continues...

"Shell's target is always to increase engine efficiency, ideally by getting maximum possible power at minimum possible consumption. Sometimes this can be a difficult task. The Shell V-Power fuel blend is constantly being developed as we continue to learn from our racing activities with Ducati. The knowledge gained at the track for fuels and lubricants is then used in Shell V-Power road fuels and Shell Advance road lubricant - to the benefit of the consumer."

A common passion for technology lies at the core of the technical partnership: Ducati develops its legendary road and race bikes, while Shell's commitment to innovation is an integral part of an extensive research and development programme that is vital to making better fuels and lubricants for customers all over the world.

Claudio Domenicali, Ducati Corse CEO Speaks...

"We are extremely proud to be celebrating ten years of collaboration with Shell and to be able to continue to count on a partner that is so dedicated to top-level technical development and research. Shell develops race oils and fuels for the highest levels of motorsport competition, such as Formula One, MotoGP and World Superbike, and then transfers the experience gained into creating products for the road, a philosophy that we in Ducati have always adhered to and which further strengthens the link between our two companies."


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