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As Godfather to the production chopper industry, Illusion Cycles is responsible for some of the most stylish yet brutally hard-core production choppers ever. In keeping with their flare for running on the edge, Rusty Coones and Rod Requejo, co-owners of Illusion, just announced the availability of a limited number of Captain America Commemorative choppers.

Working closely with West Coast Choppers, the bikes will have an unmistakable WCC look and feature many of that company’s exclusive components. Each Illusion Captain America will be hand fabricated at the Illusion factory in Westminister, California to meet personal the requirements of each customer.

As with Illusion’s much sought after line of in-your-face HELLRAZOR bikes, Captain America Commemoratives will feature driveline components that are CARB certified to California specifications and 49 State EPA compliant. Additionally, each machine is covered by a full one-year factory warranty and qualifies for extended warrantee coverage from aftermarket companies.

If you’re looking for a truly unique custom motorcycle that is as dependable as it is visually striking, look no further. In this economy, where you spend your money is as important as what you spend it on. At Illusion you get exactly what you pay for; quality, performance, longevity and image. It should be noted that a testament to Illusions continued high regard among professional manufacturers, is the fact that Illusion motorcycles continue to be listed in both the Kelly Blue Book and NADA directory.

Illusion Cycles Captain America Custom | Specifications

>> Engine: Fully polished CARB and EPA certified S&S 114"

>> Transmission: Prowler RSD 6-speed (patented steady bar w/bearing support)

>> Exhaust: WCC EPA compliant header with Supertrapp muffler

>> Intake: 42 mm Mikuni with CARB approved air box

>> Ignition: Spyke optical multi-spark/80 thousand volt coil

>> Starter and charging: Spyke Stealth

>> Charging system: Compufire 40 amp 3 phase

>> Drive: Primary 3" open belt. Final 530 O-ring chain.

>> Frame: WCC 250 CFL rigid w/ spider web neck gusset and 35° rake

>> Front end: 41 mm wide-glide telescopic w/ 3° raked trees

>> Wheels: Colorado Custom forged Spider Web 18 x 8.5 front, 21 x 3.25 rear

>> Gas tank: WCC 3.6 gal modified King Sport

>> Bars: Illusion Mini Ape 9"

>> Hand controls: Brembo with OEM switch housings

>> Tires: Metzler 240 rear, 21 front

>> Brakes: Brembo 4-piston full floating front and rear

>> Fenders WCC 10.5 with Spider Web struts rear, 5.5 front

>> Seat: Illusion 10 gauge pan with hand tooled leather and adjustable billet shocks

For complete detail call Illusion Cycles at 714-894-1942.  


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