Ducati SportClassic GT1000 | Custom Review

Beverly Hills Ducati Special

After David Coloris bought his Ducati SportClassic GT1000, he turned it over to Beverly Hills Ducati with three instructions: make it more powerful, make it comfortable, and make it black. A veteran of high-end custom choppers, including a motorcycle from Bourget’s Bike Works, the 6′ 3" Coloris was rewarded with a Ducati SportClassic GT1000 that is as distinctive as his criteria.

To meet Coloris’ GT1000 ergonomic requirements; a suede Jon Croop seat provides a taller, flatter platform, and slightly lowered bars (mounted to SpeedyMoto billet triple clamp uppers) free up the room he needs. CRG Hindsight bar end mirrors furnish a clear view of the road already travelled.

Black being the order of the day, a staggering number of parts were given the light devouring treatment, ranging from conspicuous items, such as the engine covers, to more detailed pieces-the foot controls, for example. Red accents, including the front disc caliper mounts and rear hub, dispense relief from the onslaught of darkness, as do SpeedyMoto’s delightfully revealing transparent timing belt covers.

Working double-duty as a performance enhancer, the Termignoni exhaust received a black ceramic coating. While much of the black is flat, the Larry Romos-painted tank is high gloss, and the red-outlined white Ducati logos on the tank are hand-painted.

To give the Ducati SportClassic GT1000 an aggressive custom look, the fenders are bobbed and the front bracket blacked out. In the rear, a one-off Vincenzo bracket holds a custom metal taillight and license plate frame. To further consolidate the Beverly Hills Ducati GT1000’s appearance, the instruments were lowered and the headlight pulled back toward the Öhlins Road & Track forks (blacked out at the bottom, of course).

Rather than invasive engine work, Vortex and Ducati sprockets with a lower final drive ratio are employed to give the bike stronger acceleration. Custom black-springed Öhlins shocks secure balanced suspension action.

Building on the retro-modern motif that is stock SportClassic GT1000, Beverly Hills Ducati elegantly takes Coloris’ concept to a subtly stunning logical conclusion.