Tokyo Motor Show: More cool motorcycles

The motorcycle display at the Toyko Motor Show features a number of interesting motorcycles. Making its world premiere, the CB1100 explores the potential of the air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine while building upon the aesthetic appeal and riding taste of the generations of CBs. Also, the VFR1200F sport touring bike, emphasizes advanced technology and styling while offering an enjoyable riding experience equipped with the world's first (optional) Dual Clutch Transmission.

Other motorcycles of interest include Honda's new EVE-neo, the electric-powered scooter, Honda's 2010 retro looking EV-Cub electric-powered scooter, Honda's 2010 CB1300 Super Touring, Honda's 2010 CBR1000RR in non-USA livery, and Honda's 2010 CB1100 Customize Concept. All these motorcycles are pictured above.


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