Hell for Leather Stop/Action | Motorcycle Art Exhibit

Up the Wall

Aprilias are as comfortable on the track as they are on the street, but their owners generally prefer a modicum of tire adhesion. A new art exhibit at the 26×3 gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn added a different perspective to the thrill of riding by suspending 11 Aprilia RSV 1000Rs and one all-new Aprilia RSV4 in a three-dimensional ribbon running throughout the space, reminiscent of stills taken from a high speed film reel. Stop/Action is open to the public 2-7p.m. every day from Oct. 2-11, 2009. 26×3 is located at 26 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York.

The opening night reception on Oct. 1 drew more than 300 guests from the world of motorcycles, design, technology and art.

"The experience of riding a fast motorcycle to the limits of its and your ability defines the soul of a biker. We hope to convey that in a visual, three-dimensional way, allowing the audience to interact with and examine its meaning, motivation and ramification," says Sam Strauss-Malcolm who, along with Tyler Poniatowski, is one of two artists behind the installation. Wes Siler and Grant Ray from Hell for Leather were inlisted to help realize the vision. Sponsors include Alpinestars, Leo Vince USA and Aprilia USA.

For more information on Aprilia motorcycles, visit www.apriliausa.com.