Scorpion EXO-1000 | Motorcycle Helmet

Features and Form

Looking for a stylish, safe and reasonably priced lid? Well, we came across the new Scorpion EXO-1000 motorcycle helmet. Aerodynamically styled, the motorcycle helmet is not only lightweight but also advanced in many ways. With its fibreglass and Kevlar composite shell it has a number of interesting features that I was enthusiastic to experience.

For instance, the Airfit cheek pads have air pockets behind the cushions so that when pumped up by a button on the inside chin piece of the helmet it gives the wearer a custom snug fit. There is a deflation button, just on the removable skirt of the helmet that when pressed deflates the cheek pads. This feature is helpful for regular removal and would come in handy should emergency services need to gently remove the helmet.

The moisture-wicking liner definitely helped keep me cool and dry in warm weather during the last few hot summer days. During my evening rides home, it dried out quickly and kept me warm in the cooler weather. The liner is comfortable to the touch and is removable for washing as well.

Due to the design and shape of the helmet in comparison to others I felt hardly any wind buffeting. The aero-tuned spoiler reduces lift and creates a vacuum to maximize airflow through the helmet. The top air-vents manually open and close to help regulate the desired amount of ventilate.

The EXO-1000 also has an internal visor that offers sunshade and full UV protection. The visor can be lowered and raised using a small lever in the helmet (under the clear outer visor). This allows for daytime and night-time riding without the need for changing the shield or wearing sunglasses.

This visor locks in the position up and in the down closed position. It can be removed for cleaning or for replacement. The Scorpion SpeedShift technology enables you to replace face shields very quickly, once you have read the instructions.

The helmet also comes with a nosepiece to prevent fogging. I found that the visor did not fog, maybe in part to the Scorpion EverClear technology. The outer shield has great optical clarity, anti-scratch coating and is shatter-resistant (not yet tested). Available in black and white, the EXO-1000 helmet is SNELL M2005 rated and DOT approved.


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