SHIELD Tech launches first photochromic visor

SHIELD Tech LLC is partnering with Transitions Optical, Inc., the world leader in photochromic lenses, to announce the launch of SHIELD Tech Transitions SOLFX visors, the first face shields and visors for the powersports industry to use photochromic technology from Transitions Optical.

Because light conditions can change quickly, motorcyclists worldwide face the problem of having to carry two visors when riding. Additionally, there are still light conditions where neither a clear visor nor a darkly-tinted visor is ideal. The SHIELD Tech Transitions SOLFX visor was created to address these issues. Unlike traditional clear or tinted visors, which are static, these visors quickly and seamlessly adjust their level of darkness in changing light to minimize glare and provide better contrast on the road. The visors are virtually clear in low light and at night, and – depending on the amount and intensity of sunlight – quickly and automatically darken, becoming as dark as sunglasses.

"There have been other photochromic visors but none using the advanced technology from Transitions Optical," said Kerry Harris, president and CEO, SHIELD Tech, LLC. "Vision is critical when riding a motorcycle. The SHIELD Tech Transitions SOLFX visors help enhance visual performance to take the riding experience to the ultimate level. Riders can now hit the open road and track without worrying fumbling with multiple shields due to changing light conditions."

Previous photochromic products for the powersports industry did not use the same technology as the SHIELD Tech Transitions SOLFX visor. The proprietary photochromic technology from Transitions Optical addresses all the critical photochromic performance factors including clarity, activation and fadeback speed, darkness, consistency of color, resistance to fatigue and performance stability in all temperatures.

"Motorcycle driving presents unique visual demands, including changing light and weather conditions, and travel through wooded areas and open fields, often without the ability to conveniently stop and change eyewear," said Grady Lenski, global director, Transitions sunwear. "Recognizing these challenges, Transitions Optical and SHIELD Tech designed a visor that darkens and fades back quickly to provide convenience, comfort and style to motorcycle enthusiasts."

The visors will fit a variety of popular helmet brands and be available through SHIELD Tech LLC.


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