AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference | Day 9

Day 9 – Another Night in Colorado

This morning we all felt melancholy as we said our goodbyes and packed up our stuff once again. Guzzi Alice and I had planned to ride to Aspen for lunch and then see how far we could get before supper. Instead, we realized we had way too much writing to do (we are both covering the event) and spending the day playing in the mountains would not help us accomplish that.

So, we opted for yet another quick ride up the pass and back through the Eisenhower tunnel before heading over to stay with a friend of mine about an hour away from Keystone. Today was a distinct change in "scenery" at the top. For the past few days the lookout had been cluttered with women on motorcycles. Today, however, there was the usual weekend assortment of hikers and predominantly male driven motorcycles.

The first raindrops of the trip splattered across our visors as we emerged from the tunnel. Dodging the dark cloud looming over the mountains, we made our way to my friend’s cozy Colorado country home. Amazingly still dry, we pulled up and parked our bikes safe and secure in the garage for the night.

The evening was spent in front of our laptops listening to the distant rumble of thunder instead of motorcycles. The scent of fresh rain wafted in as we prayed the clouds would move on before morning. Now a day behind schedule we would have to do some recalculations of our route back to Los Angeles.

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