AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference | Day 4

Day 4 - PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

This morning, coffee in hand, I took in the serene alpine scene. I looked out over the snow capped peaks in the distance and the dew covered motorcycles parked below my balcony. Ahhh, is there anything so refreshing as early morning in the mountains, especially at a motorcycle conference? And did I mention the rustic condo comes with a year round Christmas tree? We decorated it moto-style of course.

Today would be a non-riding day for me and I didn't know if I could survive without even a brief ride on the Tuono after 3 solid days in the saddle. As I headed over to conference registration, I was reminded of another great aspect of motorcycling - the community of riders. At the sign in desk, Guzzi Alice and I met up with motorcycle friends from across the globe: T-Woman; GS Diva; Montana Gen; Miss Adventures; CBR Girl; Kris "Tigerlady" and Biker Bonza to name a few. Oh, let the female motorcyclist bonding commence!

Speaking of world-wide socializing... Alice is the president of the USA chapter of WIMA (the Women's International Motorcycling Association), and this year finds the annual WIMA rally in the USA in conjunction with the AMA Conference. The kick-off event was a social gathering for all WIMA members. We had riders from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and even a large contingent from Japan. The Japanese are jonesing to ride, so stay tuned for more high altitude stories from the road.

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