S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner | Honda Fury Upgrade

Teardrop Performance

Getting more power out of an engine boils down to getting more air into it. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to do that is to install a low restriction, high performance air cleaner. In this case it's also one of the coolest looking ways to do it.

The S&S air cleaner kit features the classic cool of the traditional S&S teardrop shaped cover, and the performance increase that has come to be associated with it.

The dyno shows that installing the air cleaner alone delivers an increase of about one peak horsepower and over a foot/pound of peak torque. However at higher rpm, the increase is somewhat greater. Keep in mind that in order to fully realize the benefits of a performance air cleaner, a performance exhaust should also be installed.

However, at the time this test was conducted, no performance exhaust systems were available for Fury models. In addition, it is possible that fuel and ignition tuning will yield even more power. As performance exhaust systems and EFI tuning products become available, we will conduct further tests and post the results.

For the latest information, visit the S&S website at www.sscycle.com


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