FMF Apex exhaust upgrade for your Ducati

Rule one of the racing universe, when something works great, it looks amazing. The FMF Apex is no exception. The Apex is made inhouse 100% in the USA, and FMF uses the highest quality aerospace titanium and carbon fiber components. The diamond shape of the Apex Race Exhaust System is form fitted to match perfectly with today’s most advanced sport bikes, maximizing cornering clearance and handling performance.

The outlet shape mirrors the system shape providing an extremely high exhaust flow rate, and a distinct sound that no other system can match. The Apex exhaust system is sure to turn heads and help you get a bigger thrill out of every ride. The Ducati Streetfighter is an amazing track bike, One of the few complaints is in regard to the stock heal guard, riders complain about the heal guard pushing their foot away from the peg and not allowing the proper foot placement that is essential for high-speed cornering. FMF addresses this with a very compact race inspired heal guard.

Apex improves handling through mass centralization. The stock system places nearly fifteen pounds up high, off axis and far outside of the bikes center. The Apex slip-on improves exhaust weight centralization by over 55 percent. Apex utilizes stock exhaust sensors for best possible air/fuel delivery. American made carbon fiber supplied by aerospace/ DoD vendor. Apex also features a lightweight, ultra strong interlocking mount system.

MONSTER 696 09 APEX SLIP-ON 045282 $1,099.99 6.2
MONSTER 1100 09 APEX SLIP-ON 045282 $1,099.99 6.2
SUPER 848 08-09 APEX SLIP-ON 045245 $1,099.99 6.3
SUPER 1098 08-09 APEX SLIP-ON 045245 $1,099.99 6.3
SUPER 1198 09 APEX SLIP-ON 045245 $1,099.99 6.3
STREETFIGHTER 09 APEX SLIP-ON 045297 $1,099.99 6.4


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