Expert racers Mid-Ohio track-day

The Mid-Ohio School, owned and operated by TrueSports, Incorporated, is offering a Max-Time Performance Track Riding event with spots available to expert riders on July 16.

This program allows for three hours and 20 minutes of track time and costs $205. It is open to riders of expert, advanced and intermediate skill. Expert riders can cycle around Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in five 40-minute sessions. Advanced and intermediate riders share the track in 25- and 30-minute sessions throughout the day.

The expert class is exclusively reserved for licensed competition riders. Riders can enroll by visiting, clicking the Enroll Now! button at the top, then going to Performance Track Riding Single-day options and selecting July 16. You can also call 1-877-793-8667 for more information or to enroll. Please see attached schedule for further details.



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