Condor Pit Stop – Trailer Stop | Motorcycle Stand

condor pitstop wheel chock
condor pitstop wheel chock

Motorcycle Stand Out

The Condor Pit Stop / Trailer Stop wheel chock stand is perfect for transporting any size or style motorcycle in a pick-up truck bed, or with the optional Trailer Adaptor Kit, it easily snaps onto the floor of any trailer, so that any motorcycle can be transported safely and securely in an upright position, with only two tie-down straps.

It takes only one person to load and release the motorcycle for transporting. The Pit Stop can be removed from the motorcycle trailer in seconds and used every day in your garage to secure the bike for servicing or detailing, or just to take up less space. It's perfect for track days to haul your race bike to the track, and then use it as your motorcycle track stand. It will support any sport bike on the rear tire, as well as many cruisers.
The MSRP is for the Condor motorcycle stand is $250.00 plus S & H. Motorcyclist looking for more information can visit or call 1-800-461-1344.


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