Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex Boots

Motorcycle Boot Review

Style in modern motorcycling apparel is born from a heritage of function with the advantage of technological advancements. Sidi’s On-Road Gore-Tex boots superbly demonstrate this principle.

The exterior of the boot is made of full-grain leather panels that are double-stitched to create an attractive set of form-fitting lines. Sidi has styled these boots to look in-place if you are throwing a leg over a cruiser, tourer, or adventure bike. The opening is wide for easy entry and allows for wearing leathers tucked in or jeans draped over the bootlegs.

Besides the abrasion resistance of the leather shell, the On-Road boots provide impact protection. Toe cups spread frontal impact around the side of the boots and an ankle cup protects against the occasional bump into the frame. The shin is protected with an extra layer of leather, with the Sidi logo embossed upon it. The back of the leg also has an extra strip of leather running down to the heel. A rigid insole and raised heel make this boot appropriate for bikes with foot pegs or floorboards.

The boots are secured using four synthetic tongues that thread through helmet-style plastic double-D buckles, then attach to the leg with hook and loop fabric. Pull it tight and press the hook and loop fastener together and the boots are secure.

Time can be saved by omitting the step of threading the tongue back through the buckle and going straight for the hook and loop. There seems to be little loss of security and this technique makes the boots much easier to remove after a long day of riding.

Feet are kept dry by a Gore-Tex membrane that fully wraps the leg of the boot. A flexible membrane connects the front flap with the outside of the leg and folds inward when the straps are pulled tight. I wore these boots through a 4-day winter trip that included a heavy downpour and snowstorm. They kept the moisture and cold out and removed the distraction of numb feet.

Après-ride, the On-Road boots continue to prove their worth. Flex pads in the instep and thoughtful design of the leather shell allow these boots to bend in all the appropriate places so you can continue to wear them when not riding. Walking is very natural and the classic logger-lug pattern on the sole gives the traction needed off-road. Sidi provides a removable compressed foam arch support that is very comfortable.

With styling from Italy that fits on any continent and a multitude of motorcycle genres, all-day comfort, and protection from the elements, the Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex boots make a valued addition to your riding apparel.





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