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  • Klim Badlands Pro Jacket/Pants | Review

    Klim Badlands Pro Jacket/Pants | Review

    Klim Badlands Pro Technical Riding Gear

    Sliding through a downward, left-hand turn covered in loose shale, a branch suddenly appeared, whacking me hard on the chest.

    The thrust was strong enough to knock me back a bit, but I quickly regained my rhythm and kept the throttle pinned on the Husqvarna TE 511.

  • Post-Surgery Motorcycle-Less Syndrome

    Post-Surgery Motorcycle-Less Syndrome

    Lieback’s Corner (#11) / 8.1.2011

    Throughout my 31 years, only two incidents prevented me from piloting a motorcycle for extended periods of time – a rod in the femur (car accident, ‘94) and some ripped and torn ligaments in my throttle thumb (street motorcycle accident, ‘09).

  • Aerostich Transit Motorcycle Suit | Review

    Aerostich Transit Motorcycle Suit | Review

    Waterproof All-Weather Leather

    After a solid six months of testing in all weather conditions from coast to coast with temperatures in the 30s to the 90s, I’m happy to report that the Aerostich Transit waterproof leather Transit suit has made obsolete the duct-taped trash bags unceremoniously wrapped around me in the 1980s before discovering rain suits – plastic body condoms that

  • Alpinestars Fall Collection | Motorcycle Apparel

    Alpinestars Fall Collection | Motorcycle Apparel

    Italian Form and Function

    Alpinestars, a leading manufacturer of technical motorsports apparel, introduces the new Moto Collection, featuring exciting additions to their existing range of technical apparel, technical footwear for motorcycling and motorsports casual wear.

    This fall, Alpinestars is launching a total of 36 new technical oriented motorcycle apparel products, many with a wide variety of color options to add to the impressive list of new introductions made at the Indy Dealer Show in the Spring.

  • Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex Boots

    Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex Boots

    Motorcycle Boot Review

    Style in modern motorcycling apparel is born from a heritage of function with the advantage of technological advancements. Sidi’s On-Road Gore-Tex boots superbly demonstrate this principle.

  • Aerostich Riding Gear | ShowCase

    Aerostich Riding Gear | ShowCase

    Introduced more than 18 years ago, Aerostich’s Roadcrafter riding suit (one piece or two) has become somewhat of an icon among avid motorcycle riders. Made of 500-denier Cordura nylon with integral multilayer Gore-Tex laminate, the one-piece Roadcrafter gear resists rain and wind as it releases perspiration for a comfortable riding experience. The unique one-piece Aerostich zip-up design allows for fast and easy pull-on and pull-off.

  • Men’s Touring Apparel | ShowCase

    Men’s Touring Apparel | ShowCase

    As with every motorcycling discipline, touring has its own apparel demands. Shoei responds to a touring rider’s need for a convertible helmet with the Multitech, a flip up helmet that offers three options. With the chinbar up, the helmet becomes an open-face for easy conversations with your traveling companions. With the chin locked down, it provides the rider with the protection of a full-coverage helmet, along with a third option of flipping up just the face shield.