2009 Ural Gzhel | Hand-Painted Touring Motorcycle

Russian Motorcycle Beauty.

The Ural Gzhel is a special Ural Tourist motorcycle hand painted in the 14th century pottery painting style by Svetlana Zyryanova. Svetlana is an employee of the IMZ factory Paint Department. Some of the things she does at work is polishing the paint and applying camouflage spots onto Gear Ups. In her spare time, Svetlana is an accomplished artist. She became very interested in taking on a project of painting Ural Tourist in an exclusive Gzhel style.

It was an exciting opportunity for her creativity to take the lead and make something unique and exquisite. She chose her own paint, the brushes, she came up with the design and patterns and hand painted every detail in her own spare time. The result was amazing! We are proud now to present to you her beautiful work of art. On the left side panel one can see Svetlana’s signature and the date – September 2008.

Why Gzhel and What is "Gzhel"?

Gzhel is an example of traditional Russian folk art with roots going back to the 14th century. The art of gzhel pottery and design originated from the settlements southeast of Moscow along Gzhelka River. Today this well-known design of blue ornaments on white background is one of Russia’s cultural gems. Gzhel evolved from pottery to the famous blue-patterned fine porcelain known for its makers’ exquisite taste and excellence in craftsmanship.

We decided to dress one Ural in the finest design that centuries of tradition afford us; share with you the talent of the people at our factory and demonstrate what they can actually do.
This motorcycle looks like the finest porcelain figurine, but luckily it is not as fragile… and one can actually drive it! The beautiful hand painting on all body parts is clear coated for protection so that you can really show it off on the road.

How to Buy Gzhel Ural?

It is truly one of a kind Ural and we just can’t bring ourselves to putting a price tag on it. That is why we will offer it on eBay on April 3, 2009 at noon EST with the help of one of our dealers.

The delivery of the motorcycle will take place at a dealership close to the winning bidder.

The winning bidder will also receive a special souvenir – an exclusive bottle of Gzhel vodka … with at least some vodka left inside.

The last but not the least – we will donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of Ural Gzhel to the Irbit Children School of Arts to support local arts program in Irbit.





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