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Riding a street motorcycle without a full-face helmet requires some serious eye protection. Riding at a good clip introduces hazards such as bugs, dust, debris, sun and even excessive airflow that can be uncomfortable and outright dangerous. Last time we rode with non-purpose built motorcycle sunglasses, I vowed to look for a better alternative.

After some initial research, we settled on testing some product from 7EYE. We found their styles to be fashion forward and their technology to fit our requirements. We selected the unisex Bali for him and the unisex Churada for her. Both come with removable Airlock eyecups, spring-loaded hard-cases, micro-fiber cleaning cloth and retaining leash.

With a perfect claimed SPF100 rating, we were very interested in testing the Airlock eyecup system. For my face shape, the eyecup system did not initially fit perfectly, but with some adjustment and use of the leash, I was able to get a tighter seal. The wicking fabric is comfortable on the skin and it creates a seal that deters air and dust penetration. Vents around sides allow for a bit of air circulation and we never experienced any fogging.

At speed, my non-purpose built sunglasses only provided protection to about 35 mph but with both 7EYE test models the protection was much greater and at much higher speeds. Vision was crystal clear. Even when the lenses darken to deep rich brown in the bright sun, your vision pops with clarity. The claim to be virtually shatterproof, with a lifetime warranty against breakage, provides another level of comfort and confidence.

As night fell on our test ride, we were very happy to find the advanced photo-chromic lens operating very well. We rode through dust and into the night and the lenses seem to magically transition from the dark brown to a light yellow without notice. When back home, we were able to easily remove the eyecups, wear the sunglasses in the house and even sit down at the computer to write our review.

Applications also include, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, cycling, golf and even boating. 7EYE also offers custom prescription lenses that are crafted at the 7EYE lab. More information can be found online.


Extreme Speed Test


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