Aprilia Mana X | Concept Motorcycle

Mana X Concept

Aprilia launched the Mana 850, a motorcycle that was so innovative and revolutionary that it entirely changed the habits of many riders. The Aprilia Mana is not just a motorcycle, but a number of different motorcycles in one. Its revolutionary, electronically controlled Sportgear gearbox delivers a unique level of riding pleasure. Riders can choose to use the three mappings of the "Autodrive" control system or the seven speed sequential gearbox to achieve brilliant performance under all conditions as well as maximum efficiency from the 850 cc engine.

The Aprilia Mana represents the ultimate development of motorcycle technology as available to the general public; only the spirit of Aprilia, dedicated to innovation and technological evolution, could have accepted and overcome such a challenge.

Now, with the Mana X, Aprilia is taking the "easy fun" concept that underlies this revolutionary project to the next level. The Mana X is an extension and concentration of the Mana’s unique values.

The Mana X maintains the same, brilliant 850 cc 90° V twin engine, the same revolutionary, electronically controlled Sportgear gearbox, and the same impressive frame of the Mana. Yet the Mana X is more than just a new version: rather, it embodies one of the many potential developments of the automatic motorcycle concept.

The Mana X represents the most advanced aspects of Aprilia know-how, and offers a clear glimpse into the future – a future full of potential for the Mana project. The Mana X has the same ‘road-burning’ characteristics for which the naked version has already established a reputation. With no clutch lever to worry about, and everything electronically controlled, all the rider has to concentrate is enjoyment.

The Mana X concentrates exceptional versatility, agility and riding pleasure, into the one bike. With its revolutionary Sportgear gearbox, it is bound to appeal to a generation of young, dynamic riders, naturally inclined to seek originality and fun. The Mana X refuses all definitions. Not like any other bike in style or performance, it adopts as its ultimate aim the delivery of maximum riding pleasure.

With its completely new layout, brand new rear suspension, and generous tyres, the Mana X is the very definition of the indispensable and necessary, and defies most common conceptions of motorcycle design. Primarily ‘urban’ in concept, the Mana X embodies an essential spirit for which every stylistic choice and design solution aims at the ultimate in simplicity and usability.