2008 Vespa LX & Appearal | Review

Vespa LX 150

Vespa, the wasp-like icon of Italian mobility, was originally designed by Corradino D’Ascanio to meet the personal transportation needs of the people of Italy in the years following the Second World War.

D’Ascanio, an aeronautical engineer who did not like motorcycles, utilized aircraft inspired design techniques to create what remains to this day a vehicle that stands apart from all other two-wheeled technology.

From practical mass mobility—to the rage of post-war economic growth—to the revolutionary free-thinking movements of the ’60s and ’70s, Vespa has come through many incarnations to emerge a longstanding representation of Italian style and elegance.

Now, over 60 years after manufacturer Enrico Piaggio produced D’Ascanio’s original prototype, comes the sexy, glamorous Vespa LX (LX is the Roman numeral for 60).

With a 150cc cylinder capacity, this model provides for greater control and agility with an ergonomically constructed seat and larger front wheel. Increased illumination is provided by wide arc halogen headlights and modern rear lighting. (Click image to enlarge)

Options and accessories include a top case for additional storage, a fly screen, bike cover, electronic alarm, and footrest mat.

The colors are demonstrative statements of Excalibur Gray, Daring Plum, Graphite Black, Aurora Blue, Diamond White, and Dragon Red. The latest and most continental of the palette is Portofino Green. Over 60 years later, the LX is the new bomb.

American Lucky Brand Jeans Sundown Straight pants provide a striking counterpoint to the Italian helmet and jacket. (Click image to enlarge)

Piaggio’s Copter helmet keeps the rider stylishly protected with its softtouch matte finish. The Copter comes in a variety of color combinations.

Boasting the distinctive script logo, the Vespa Club riding jacket does not leave your alligiance to the imagination. Armor is optional; choosing a color is mandatory.

An 11-inch wheel improves stability, while a hydraulic disc braking system with a 200mm rotor ensurses efficient stops.

A catalytic converter for the 150cc fan-cooled four-stroke motor makes the LX an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The leather seat is large enough for you and a friend. Chrome grab rails help make your passenger feel secure.

While this handy item has disappeared from most present-day motorcycles, the LX retains this convience.

Thoroughly modern, the instrument panel provides an array of vital information.

The locking storage compartment makes the LX a practical shopping implement that is also fun.

The taillight has a classic appearance, as does the nearby badge, while the integrated turn indicators bring the LX into the modern era.



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