News 2008 Boss Hoss Cycles 3 | QuickShift

2008 Boss Hoss Cycles 3 | QuickShift

Even behemoth bike builder Boss Hoss Cycles has to answer to tightening emissions guidelines, an it has responded by downsizing its staggering 502 cu in V8-powered motorcycle to a mere 364 cubic inches. The BHC-3 LS2’s modified Corvette engine pumps 425 hp and 425 ft lb of torque to the rear wheel, making the new 6-liter powerplant appear positively meek when compared to its cast iron predecessor.

Thanks to its smaller, all-aluminum V8, the newly reconfigured bike shaves an impressive 280 lbs—roughly the weight of a full-size dirt bike—from the previous version. Its abbreviated wheelbase and 3-inch lower seat enables the rider to sit more "inside" the bike, rather than on top of it, and that revised geometry should allow the rider to feel more in control of the motorcycle, not vice-versa.

There is no question who is boss when there is a 425 hp powerplant between two wheels. (Click image to enlarge)

While more modest types may stick with Boss Hoss’s standard 350 cu in engine—it pumps out a "mere" 355 hp—those who believe there is no substitute for cubic inches will find sweet solace in the more-is-more LS2 configuration. As the government continues to clamp down on motor vehicle emissions, the new LS2 from Boss Hoss offers a fantastically tongue-in cheek way to show some restraint, as well as an awareness of the times. It is not quite a hybrid, to be sure, but it certainly is a statement.



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